Here’s a (unlisted in YouTube but for the benefit of those who appreciate my existence in the Tumblr community I’m sharing it here) copy of our cover and music video of Sa Langit by Moonstar88. This was a project for our Broadcasting Engineering/Acoustics class.

Vocals: Janine Rugayan & Jason Rullan
Lead Guitar and Rhythm by Jason Rullan
Violin by Via Mateo

Music Video cast
Jason Talusan - Jason Rullan
Elaine Reyes - Cameh Reyes
Friends - Via Mateo, Janine Rugayan, Isadelle de Guzman
Boys - Cube Guerrero, JM Abuzo, Francis Cruz

Video Editing by Janine Rugayan, Adobe Premiere Pro
Audio processing by Jason Rullan and Jason Conanan
Audio Interface and other equipments: m-Audio, Jason Conanan

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