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"You had me at my best and you chose to break my heart.”
Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz in One More Chance)
 (while people were reporting turbo codes in class, at a third floor classroom)
 Downstairs, people were causing chaos and shouting about exams.
Reporters: So the blah, blah, blah.... SNR, or signal-to-noise ratio of the blah, blah, blah...
Teacher: *stands up*
Reporters: *faces alarmed, worried about possible humiliation from teacher*
Teacher: Why did the SNR at the first floor dropped?
Teacher: *walks out of room, signals at the people downstairs*
Teacher: So, they're talking about unanswered exam questions. Haha. *looks back at the reporters* Anyway, go on.
Reporters: And the SNR will blah, blah, blah.
Maingay sila. Period. Kailangan SNR pa 'yung term? : ))
Mike Abay: Guys, pahiramin niyo ako ng laptop bukas. Gagawa ako ng lab reports sa Batangas.

CTS, you sneaky bastard, I can’t work with my lab reports at my normal pace.

More stuff to type

  1. TCOM122.1 Turbo codes IEEE-formatted paper
  2. TCOM151.1 technical report on PLDT Makati-Ateneo Network Testbed/Optical transmission lines case study
  3. TCOM151.2 lab report on Electrical length & Transmission lines
  4. TCOM151.2 lab report on Basic Optics I
  5. TCOM122.2 lab report on Hamming codes

Carpal tunnel is for the weak. Sleep is definitely for the weak too.


That TCOM test paper should burn in hell. Anyone who wants to join our [blissbubbles + pixel-refill] test paper burning rites?

Today, I attended my telecommunications class just to listen to our teacher, tell us straight in the face that we wrote wrong answers in our test papers and that we can see each other next school year for the same subject. FML.

Before TCOM, I really loved looking at constellations and the idea of them.

Rachel: Sir, are we allowed to use index cards to write the formulas?
Sir: No.
 (and Rachel was also supposed to reply this one back, but didn't.)
Rachel: Sir, kahit words of encouragement lang 'yung nakalagay?